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Project Description

This jQuery Plugin is meant to enable web developers who are creating pages including iFrames to show third-party content which is essential for the desired web page to detect ad blocking systems, that prevent the iFrame content to be displayed correctly. If the plugin detects an obviously invalid display of such content, it will redirect the user to a specified fallback URL.


Important Notes

This plugin is not meant to trick around ad blocking systems! But there are websites out there, that show kind of toolbars together with external pages (e.g. to support sharing features). Those pages need to show external (or third-party content) in iFrames and ad blocking systems might suppress this display. In order to provide the end-customer with the basic experience of the third-party content, the plugin could be used to detect those systems and redirect the user to the direct URL of the third-party content.


How it works (basically)

Well, there are a lot of ad blocking systems out there, but most of them are doing the following: If they detect specific (e.g. third-party or blacklisted) content to be shown in containers, they are either hiding the container or removing it from the document object model (DOM) of the page. For example AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome is completely removing an iFrame with blocked third-party content from the DOM. In Firefox, the container is most often hidden although the requests to the blocked content may work normally in background unseen by the user.
This jQuery plugin is watching for the content container the web developer is using for content display. After having loaded the complete page (window.load event) the plugin reacts and tries to get detailled information about the content container (iFrame). Normally this would cause an exception, because access to third-party content is limited by browser design and this is, what the plugin expects. If such an exception is raised, everything seems to be fine for the plugin. But e.g. if there is any error with basically retrieving the container object (from DOM), the content most often has been blocked and the plugin will start forwarding the user to the developer's fallback URL.



Regardless of the information stated on the page, this project is licensed under the following Creative Commons License:

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
"Javascript iFrame AdBlocker Detector for jQuery" by David Rietz (TMKILLA) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Lizenz.

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